CREED Cologne

CREED cologne is a world’s only privately owned luxury perfume dynasty. Launched in 1760 and handed from dad to son since that time, CREED cologne has served over 10 royal houses and the discerning public for longer than 250 years. Indeed, CREED is among the 100 oldest family companies on this planet.

Located in Paris, the company these days is led by the legendary Olivier CREED, sixth generation master perfumer and business chief. Doing work together with is his son, the next generation and future lead of the company.

Having a really picky customers, Creed continued making more than 200 exclusive and special perfumes, all original and hand-made. These masterpieces had been manufactured by the Creed family through the years.

A house of tradition, company always follow a high standards in perfume creation and customer support. Company works by using ways of hand manufacturing, such as maceration and filtering method, instituted at the firm’s beginning. CREED would be the market’s strongest proponent of natural ingredients in perfume.

Therefore, CREED cologne has a loyal customers which includes royalty, Celebrities, governmental leaders, legends in business, sports, music and the fine arts as well as discerning members of the public who value beauty and quality in scent.

Olivier Creed is experienced at building his own perfumes : this really is exclusive from the French fragrance market and most likely is the reason for his significant achievements.